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Buddy Rhodes replied to jb in ak's discussion sticky finish
"Sounds like you have a build up of too much wax, grease and grime. Clean the surface well with soap…"
16 hours ago
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The crew over at CounterKULTURE Concrete Studio are some of our favorites. This is a talented…

Jeremy French replied to jb in ak's discussion sticky finish
"It was fine for a year, and then it started feeling sticky?"
22 hours ago
jb in ak posted a discussion
we used BR penetrating sealer, then the satin and finally the bees wax, after about a year the fini…
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This is a great video which you can also find at the end of a great blog from the crew of Set In…

Jeremy French posted a discussion
We are preparing a shipment to head to Europe. If you have anything in particular you would like to…
Jeremy French replied to Derrick Hall's discussion Would adding 1/2" foam reduce enough weight?
"There is no reason to add the foam here, and it make actually cause more problems than it is worth.…"


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