I have watched all of Buddy and Brandon's DVD and have read just about every thread on this forum, but still feel like I am missing some things.  I live in Costa Rica and can't get to a training very easily is the main problem.  So here are some questions if anyone feels like answering, I will be very appreciative:


1.  For the face coat, are many of you spraying one time or twice? Do you use a paintbrush to go over it before it dries?  Rollers?


2. Also for the face coat, I follow the recipe on Gore Design Co's GFRC dvd and it turns out to be a little thick.  Better to add more liquefaction, or more water?  What recipe are most of you using?  


My pieces are turning out decent, but still seem to be too rough to use just regular sand paper.  But when I use a wet grinder, it really exposes the sand and takes away that beautiful surface.  Any suggestions?  Thanks to everyone for the all the good advice here.




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i like to spray twice depending on the details. i will spray, paintbrush the corners and details, let sit for a few minutes then lighty spray it again. dont add more water if u dont have to, use reducer and slighty trim with water. if wet grinding maybe wait another day or start with a higher grit.

Hey Jonathan,


agreed with justin, avoid adding more water if possible. i use either gore's standard mix design or buddy's depending on the situation. my experience with gore's standard recipe is that it's too thick but that's on purpose (better to err on that side than the other). add a bit more liquefaction and chill your water.  it'll help a lot. if you can't pour it out of the cup it's too thick.

you really don't want to be in position to have to wet polish gfrc. your instincts are right, keep working on that facecoat mix and spray technique.

Thanks for the advice guys.  I'm doing a couple practice runs this week.  I'll let you know how it goes.




First of all congrats on playing in the mud. As far as the consistency of the mix add more liquefaction.  Water will weaken it. But, add just a bit at a time.  It doesn't take much. I use the chip brushes and be sure and spend extra time in the corners.

First coat spray the sides and flat area.  Second spray coat concentrate on the sides and getting it over the top of the mold edges.

Good luck,


Robert Aurner



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